Our Story

Hidden in the land blessed with richness of natural biodiversity, across Borneo Island, you can find untamed wilderness to low level human interference with nature .You will also discover rich history, welcoming culture and the purest quality Oils & Fats produced by EAPP.

Acting along the production chain from sourcing of certified oil seeds & dairy fats to ecofriendly processing facility. Our responsibility also extended to health, performance quality and more importantly Crafting Delicious for the Baking, Culinary, Confectionary & Asian Food industries.

Our long-standing rich blend in taste can be traced back to migrants from Europe, North and East Asia. This is what makes us unique and stand out from the rest. We believe that the cultivation of the sense of happiness via delicious food forms the chief foundation to everyday enjoying and exciting life. EAPP routinely delivers this sense as an uncompromised contribution to the ‘taste experience’ in the nourishment of human.

Discover more dairy goodness in our Oliobutta & Melange Butter, Less Smoke for our culinary frying fat solutions and our customised solutions that are able to fulfil simpler to complex requirements.

At EAPP, there is more to discover.